SACS Computing: facing new challenges

Donna Fitzsimmons

Dear colleagues,

We hereby invite you to celebrate the arrival of the new SACS computer. In order to highlight some of the research that is made possible by it we organize a special SACS seminar on Thursday, February 16th, 15:00-17:00. You are warmly invited to the talks and drinks.

Location: Ravelijn RA 2501


Jaap van der Vegt: Relevance of computing infrastructure for Computational Science

Paolo Cifani: Direct numerical simulation of a two-phase turbulent channel flow

Freekjan Brink: “hpGEM: Software Library for Discontinuous and Continuous Finite Element Methods”

Devashish: "Accurate Modeling of Light at the Nanoscale for Efficient Solar Cells"

Gijs Kooij: Parallel-in-time simulations of PDEs

Sjoerd Hack: “Nonreflecting boundary conditions for Maxwell’s equations”

Conclusions and drinks