TCSC are in the UT nieuws!

Donna Fitzsimmons

Prof. Stefan Luding, one of the 6 founders and President of the Twente Centre for Scientific Computing, was interviewed by the UT news. TCSC sees 19 groups from all 5 UT faculties coming together with the common goals of strengthening the research theme Computational Science and to stimulate cooperation. One of the aims of the TCSC is to combine all of these expertise and strengths and show them not only within the university, but also to the outside world including industry.

In the interview, Prof. Luding claims that the Centre is an initiative that goes ahead of the UT reorganization, following the same spirit, and showing how multi-disciplinary, inter-facultary clusters of UT researchers can look. Also in education, the TCSC is connected to the Twente Graduate School: Computational Science and Engineering, and there exist collaborations with and links to other Centres, e.g. in Delft, Münster, and Harvard.